Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Furniture Painting

furni.pngMinimum Hassle : Your furniture can be ready in a few days . For example a wall to wall wardrobe can be ready to use within 7 days vs months for carpenters

Your office furniture can be ready quickly with a vibrant color combo

Your Size , Your design , Your colors We can customize to your design

Furniture Polish : Paintguru can polish your furniture with a beautiful matt or glossy polish that will last a long time

Old furniture in a new Avatar : Tired of you old furniture . Your laminate is sctrached and old. Paintguru will paint it with vibrant colors . Everybody will think that you have just bought new furniture for your house.

Built tough to last : Paint Guru offers Kitchen , home & office furniture
We use thick ply( 3/4” most of the time) and teak wood . For example the back of our cabinets ar e3/4” while most furniture uses 1/4”.

We use SS304 for all pull out drawrs and strong SS channels

Double your wardrobe space : Pull out options for your wardrobes to double your storage space. Now you can store stuff right upto the top of the drawer instead of leaving it half empty.

Water Repellent : Paintguru furniture is water repellant. Even boiling water has no effect . Oil and food stains can just be wiped off.

Unlimited Color Options : Use a two tone , three tone combination . Change your colors in each room

Computer aided Color selection : We help you choose the best colors with an android based program . This ensures perfect combination of colors

Beautiful Designer Options : You van have your furniture painted with art , geometrical designs , animals , in fact anything that you care to think of can be executed. Your house gets a new life with furniture which is usable , sturdy and beautiful .

Security : All our painters are in our uniform. In addition each of them carries a photo permit on our letterhead which is on their person at all times.

Peace of mind : Indus ( Indus Eximtech P Ltd) is founded by IIT, IIM alumni with offices in the US & India. We have decades of experience in marketing paints & construction chemicals . Indus is now using this experience to serve you directly
Our customer service executives are on call all the time. In addition the Indus offices in Navi Mumbai has a large team standing by to assist.

Clear Communication : We provide a detailed written quote with sizes and design .


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